How to Dress Local

Locals. The ultimate Hawaiian slippah.

Everyone wants to fit in, especially when traveling to a new destination. And there is nothing that can help a traveler assimilate to a new culture than by dressing like a local. With that in mind, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours will teach you how to dress like a local.

Before we start in on the style particulars though, we must preface that Hawaiian style, while relaxed, is unique. Follow these simple tips and you just might pass as a local (kama’aina).

  1. First and most importantly: purchase a pair of Locals slippers at an ABC Store. Wear them everywhere, except inside someone’s house. Don’t ever call them flip flops.
  2. Between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm men should always be wearing boardshorts. Avoid crazy patterns and colors, keep it subdued. Don’t ever call them swimsuits. 
  3. For dinner, when in doubt, resort to the Hawaiian tuxedo (slippers, blue jeans and t-shirt). Of course, if you want to dress it up a bit, you can always add an Aloha shirt. But remember, just like the boardshorts, avoid crazy patterns and colors.
  4. Never leave your hotel room without grabbing your pair of sunglasses. Even at night.

Follow these simple steps and you might just blend in while on your Hawaiian vacation.

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